Recharging your AC systems gas

If your AC has been installed by a technical, changing gas is easy. This only becomes easier if the tech actually did a proper installation. Some techs do a more sloppy job than others making it the reason why aircon not cold. Before you learn to recharge your AC, you must make sure that the outside and inside units are properly connected and in no way faulty. Otherwise recharging can be a nightmare. Whenever you can, you must learn a couple of things about your AC. You can start by recharging its gas. Here are a couple of things you need to know to be able to charge your AC’s gas.

First, you need to know that recharging your AC in actual since does not happen. When we say we have to charge our air conditioning system, it means we have to circulate the condensed air throughout both the inside and the outside units. This is usually due to the distance of the units from each other. For example, if you internal unit is installed 3 meters away from the external unit, you might need to recharge often. This can be remedied by finding a spot where you can put the air conditioning systems units near each other.

Second, you need to locate the valves for recharging the gas. It is usually located at the outdoor units end. Placements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so carefully read your manual and study the units. These valves are usually located at the outdoor unit’s end. When you locate the valves, you should see them close. One of the valves are supplying gas from the unit inside going outside and the other one is to receive the gas returning from the indoor unit to the outdoor one. These valves are vital for you to charge the gas. When charging, slowly open these valves. This will distribute the refrigerant throughout the whole unit. It includes the indoor and outdoor unit as well as the tubing connecting them.

From here onward, you have to be careful with leakage. Gas leaking from your air conditioning unit can be costly. You have to be sure to check for leakage.  These leaks usually are at the joints of the tubing connecting the indoor and outdoor units. A simple way to check if there is a leak is to apply soap and look for bubbles. You can also use a cup with water. By placing the cup near the tubing, you can identify if there is indeed a leak. The water should always be steady when placed near the tube. If you find any ripples to the water when near the tube, this can indicate leakage. You cannot start your air conditioning system if this happens.

Provided that everything went well and there were no mishaps, you can successfully start you AC. Continue to monitor your Air conditioning system for a couple of days. Make sure to check from time to time the tubing as well as the units.

Overall, it is pretty simple to charge your AC but you have to be careful along the way. If you are not confident enough to do it, it is better to have a technician do it instead.

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