Possible Reason Why Your Air Conditioner Have Airflow Issue

One of the most air conditioner’s problems is the airflow issue. You know your air conditioning has an airflow issue when you notice the symptoms such as:

    1. Uneven Temperature
    2. Whistle or Noise
    3. Limited Air from the AC
    4. Hot Air Coming From the AC

Poor airflow from air conditioner gives the mentioned symptoms above, and if you neglect it, it can damage the compressor. The compressor is one of the most important parts of the air conditioner that we should protect and take care of. Otherwise, the whole system will shut down, but the good thing about this is that not all reasons and cause of this are costly or difficult to fix. Sometimes we can even fix it on our own. So, let us start figuring out what could be wrong with our air conditioning device

Reasons Behind Airflow Problems

  1. Obstruction Of The Condenser

The condenser is usually located in the mechanical room or outside the house. Check for any debris that might prevent its functions. If the condenser is located inside the house, then make sure that there is no appliances or equipment that obstruct it otherwise, it can overheat the condenser since there be limited air to cool that part.

  1. Clog On Registers Or Vents

Another reason of poor airflow is the clog on registers and vents due to some home fixtures. Make sure to clear this thing right away when you notice the above symptoms. Such is commonly happen in workplace setting so before your compressor will be compromised remove the cabinets or furniture that impedes the flow of air.

  1. Block Filter

Had you changed the filter of your air conditioning device regularly? If not, this could be the reason for the airflow problem. Regular cleaning or replacement of the filter will get rid of dust that could build upon it over time which blocks good quantity of air to pass through. Follow the maker’s instructions and guidelines on replacement of the filters so that you will not face problems like this.

  1. Puncture On The Duct

You might be cleaning your air conditioner often, but mites and other insects can still get through inside and attack the ducts of the AC. When it has leaked, it will wind up with the work of the air conditioner. The hole in the duct will result in the decrease of the cool airflow of the air conditioner, but this is easy to fix.

  1. Problem On The Thermostat

The reasons for airflow problem are not limited to the four causes mentioned earlier. It can bring by faulty thermostat too, or had you check the battery of it?

  1. Defect On The Fan

Make sure the blower is not sluggish. This helps the work of the air conditioner in delivering cool air in the room. If you think there is some grime coated on the fan, remove it as this also lessening the airflow of the air conditioning unit.

  1. Clogged Coil

Another vital part of the air conditioner is the coil. It must bring out the warmth out of the room, and since the coil is on the outdoor portion of the house, it is more prone to harmful elements like dirt that can impede its work. That is why we need to clean the coil on a regular basis to prevent poor airflow despite the air conditioning doubled effort to cool the room.With this, you need to know more about chemical cleaning.

  1. Need Gas Recharge

The reason why air conditioning unit needs recharge is when the refrigerant is already at a low level to sustain the cooling operation. This can result to leak or worn out of the air conditioner so the air conditioning technician would tell you to recharge the system to back up and speed up the performance of the air conditioner.

  1. Unfit Air Conditioning Unit

Sometimes you think it is better to have a big unit to have a cooler environment, but this is wrong with it comes to the air conditioner. A big unit with a small area to cool tends to make the air conditioner work inefficiently because the air cycle is just too frequent. This will make the room hotter than it is supposed to be.

  1. Fixtures Or Home Setting

Did you remove or add something inside your house? This can be the cause why there is an airflow problem of the air conditioner. When you make some renovations of your place, then you should consider the layout. It might be that the added features impede the proper cool performance of the AC.

We think we had just covered all possible causes of poor airflow or air flow issues of the AC, so whenever you got a problem do the necessary fixing first before you call your air conditioning technician. Find out more about why aircon is not cold from us.

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