When to order a packaged air-conditioning system?

When purchasing an air conditioning system, you have a couple of things to remember. There are a lot of air conditioning models nowadays in the market. Buying one can be as hard as picking the ripest peach. If you are on the verge of buying a packaged air conditioning system, here are a couple things you should consider.


You need to know the function of the packaged air conditioning system and its edge toward other models. You cannot simply choose a packaged air conditioning system just because you want one. You have to consider how it would help to regulate your establishment’s thermostat. It has to function well to get your money’s worth. Packaged air conditioning systems are very functional when it comes to business and large scale operation services such as hotels and restaurant. These businesses benefit much when having packaged air conditioning system.

Surface area

Packaged air conditioning system is best used for wide scope air conditioning system. The surface are they can cover to regulate is really wide. They can even work for the entire building. This makes them suitable for businesses. You have to consider the surface area covered by your packaged air conditioning system though. Overheating and exhaustion is a common problem to these units. This results from over estimated area of coverage for your AC. Having packaged air conditioning system does not mean that you can use it for all establishments. You still need to consider how big the area it will be servicing compared to its power and output.


Make sure to consider maintaining your packaged air conditioning system once purchased. Anything can easily be damaged when not properly maintained. As for packaged air conditioning system, you will need a technician to maintain it. You cannot do it yourself. Packaged air conditioning system has a lot of mechanism that are too technical. You will need someone knowledgeable enough to check it from time to time.





Additional services

Having another hand working for the packaged air conditioning system means you will need additional services. For one a technician is needed. When getting it installed an installer will also be hired. Someone also needs to make sure that the system is properly installed in the walls and are connected to the water and electrical system properly. All these translate into additional services when getting a packaged air conditioning system.


You have to dedicate an area in your place to install the packaged air conditioning system. Usually at outside or at the top floors, these packaged air conditioning system needs to be installed outside of the actual building. They cannot be within the walls. They need to be ventilated once in a while.


While a packaged air conditioning system works for large scale operation, the operational cost of having them also needs to be considered. They do need a lot of power, so voltage supply would affect your monthly dues.

These are just a couple of things worth considering prior to having a packaged air conditioning system however, all these cannot amount to the comfort and savings that packaged air conditioning system in comparison to other models. There might be a lot to consider before your buy one but all these are worth it in the end, to find out more about aircon installation in Singapore, follow us.

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