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The 2nd Level Master in Innovation in Design, Rehabilitation and Control of Structures, Evaluation and Adaptation in Seismic Areas focuses on graduates in Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Construction Engineering, and is aimed at the formation of highly skilled professionals in the field of design and construction of reinforced concrete structures, with reference both to new construction and to existing ones. The Master has a total duration of 12 months for a total of 60 credits

The Mission

The Master’s degree is aimed at the training of specific professional figures with high expertise in the design and construction of reinforced concrete structures – with reference to both new and existing recovery interventions – able to address the complex issues strictly engineering techniques with the awareness of the tight and delicate relationships that bind them to the design of architecture and the ability to face the resulting problems.

The Schedule

The final exam will take place at the Headquarters of the Master and will consist of the oral dissertation of the project / tesina, carried out by the student. The dissertation will be accompanied by questions about two Master’s theses given at least 3 months before the final exam. There are 2 sessions for the Final Test. The second round will be attended by those who have been advised to withdraw from the first test or who will not be able to take part in the test. No further possibilities for the final exam are allowed, the final exam rating is expressed in thirty-five, and takes into account the entire curriculum within the Master. The examination committee consists of 5 members.

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