How to DIY plumbing works at home?

DIY plumbing works is a must for most people who are always on the go. Sometimes, trying to connect with a plumbing service company is not that hurry. It could sometimes take half of the day, or a day or two, especially when you are not able to make it out as emergency. If you can’t afford to waste time waiting or if you are that person who loves to diy instead of spending bucks for repairs and minor problems you think you can always find solution; then this diy plumbing works at home that I’ll be giving you will definitely saves the day. This does not require any experience to perform such work and it’s really very simple.

Most of us have already dealt with leaky faucet, spurting toilets and for some home fixtures like shower heads and faucets that needs to be replaced. These concerns are really simple and need not require the presence of a plumber. But before starting such move, try to figure out first what you can do and what you cannot. We have to be true to ourselves that if we cannot afford to do things we think we can, better get help. So, let’s go back with shower heads and faucet replacement. In doing so, you have to turn off first the water supply. This is everyone’s initiative.

According to SG1 Plumber, before starting any plumbing woks, turning off the water supply is a must. After that, you have to get the right tools to be used. You have to ensure that you have the basic and necessary tools available at home for simple plumbing works. If there’s none, you can always buy some and it won’t cost you a lot. The basic tools that you’ll need are wrench, water meter key, putty, teflon tape and drain snake. If you have them all at home, then it would be much easier for you to handle simple plumbing troubles.

In replacing your shower head, you have to unscrew it first from the shower arm, clean it out and use a small amount of Teflon tape around it before screwing the new one. That simple! If you have leaking faucet that needs to be replaced, all you have to do is remove the handgrip, pop out the instruction execution and replace it. If you have found out which pipe is leaking, you can always replace it or you may opt to replace the whole kit.

There are actually lots of diy’s you can check online. You can watch videos on how to do simple plumbing works if you have time so you’ll be guided more on what to do. There are more diy’s you can get online aside from stated above. You can also explore yourself and look for simple life hacks that could keep you. These diy’s may not warrant for long but at least we have something to do right before we need the services of a professional plumber. Find out more at


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