How to DIY plumbing works at home?

DIY plumbing works is a must for most people who are always on the go. Sometimes, trying to connect with a plumbing service company is not that hurry. It could sometimes take half of the day, or a day or two, especially when you are not able to make it out as emergency. If you can’t afford to waste time waiting or if you are that person who loves to diy instead of spending bucks for repairs and minor problems you think you can always find solution; then this diy plumbing works at home that I’ll be giving you will definitely saves the day. This does not require any experience to perform such work and it’s really very simple.

Most of us have already dealt with leaky faucet, spurting toilets and for some home fixtures like shower heads and faucets that needs to be replaced. These concerns are really simple and need not require the presence of a plumber. But before starting such move, try to figure out first what you can do and what you cannot. We have to be true to ourselves that if we cannot afford to do things we think we can, better get help. So, let’s go back with shower heads and faucet replacement. In doing so, you have to turn off first the water supply. This is everyone’s initiative.

According to SG1 Plumber, before starting any plumbing woks, turning off the water supply is a must. After that, you have to get the right tools to be used. You have to ensure that you have the basic and necessary tools available at home for simple plumbing works. If there’s none, you can always buy some and it won’t cost you a lot. The basic tools that you’ll need are wrench, water meter key, putty, teflon tape and drain snake. If you have them all at home, then it would be much easier for you to handle simple plumbing troubles.

In replacing your shower head, you have to unscrew it first from the shower arm, clean it out and use a small amount of Teflon tape around it before screwing the new one. That simple! If you have leaking faucet that needs to be replaced, all you have to do is remove the handgrip, pop out the instruction execution and replace it. If you have found out which pipe is leaking, you can always replace it or you may opt to replace the whole kit.

There are actually lots of diy’s you can check online. You can watch videos on how to do simple plumbing works if you have time so you’ll be guided more on what to do. There are more diy’s you can get online aside from stated above. You can also explore yourself and look for simple life hacks that could keep you. These diy’s may not warrant for long but at least we have something to do right before we need the services of a professional plumber. Find out more at


Recharging your AC systems gas

If your AC has been installed by a technical, changing gas is easy. This only becomes easier if the tech actually did a proper installation. Some techs do a more sloppy job than others making it the reason why aircon not cold. Before you learn to recharge your AC, you must make sure that the outside and inside units are properly connected and in no way faulty. Otherwise recharging can be a nightmare. Whenever you can, you must learn a couple of things about your AC. You can start by recharging its gas. Here are a couple of things you need to know to be able to charge your AC’s gas.

First, you need to know that recharging your AC in actual since does not happen. When we say we have to charge our air conditioning system, it means we have to circulate the condensed air throughout both the inside and the outside units. This is usually due to the distance of the units from each other. For example, if you internal unit is installed 3 meters away from the external unit, you might need to recharge often. This can be remedied by finding a spot where you can put the air conditioning systems units near each other.

Second, you need to locate the valves for recharging the gas. It is usually located at the outdoor units end. Placements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so carefully read your manual and study the units. These valves are usually located at the outdoor unit’s end. When you locate the valves, you should see them close. One of the valves are supplying gas from the unit inside going outside and the other one is to receive the gas returning from the indoor unit to the outdoor one. These valves are vital for you to charge the gas. When charging, slowly open these valves. This will distribute the refrigerant throughout the whole unit. It includes the indoor and outdoor unit as well as the tubing connecting them.

From here onward, you have to be careful with leakage. Gas leaking from your air conditioning unit can be costly. You have to be sure to check for leakage.  These leaks usually are at the joints of the tubing connecting the indoor and outdoor units. A simple way to check if there is a leak is to apply soap and look for bubbles. You can also use a cup with water. By placing the cup near the tubing, you can identify if there is indeed a leak. The water should always be steady when placed near the tube. If you find any ripples to the water when near the tube, this can indicate leakage. You cannot start your air conditioning system if this happens.

Provided that everything went well and there were no mishaps, you can successfully start you AC. Continue to monitor your Air conditioning system for a couple of days. Make sure to check from time to time the tubing as well as the units.

Overall, it is pretty simple to charge your AC but you have to be careful along the way. If you are not confident enough to do it, it is better to have a technician do it instead.

Air Conditioner Specialist’s Tips to Keep AC Safe

Talking about the most helpful machine in homes and offices the first that would come to the list is our air conditioner. We even install an air conditioner in our car to because hot weather can be harmful to human’s health.  The main functions of the air conditioning unit are to give ventilation and let us breathe clean and cool air which technically comfortable when we drive or do our work. In fact, it was proven that the conducive and cool environment is the key factor if you want to boost productivity. Warm weather condition can get you easily tired and slog even if you haven’t done so much work. And just like any machine, we need to take care of them and keep them safe in order to serve us for a long time. The proper cares will not only save consumption of electric energy, it will prevent harmful bacteria and fungi build up that is not safe for our respiration system. The more you know about how you can take good care of the AC, the more it is safe to use and our specialist can give help in maintaining and keeping it safe.

What are the preventive measures that you do in order to keep your air conditioning system safe? Well, that is the very first question that needs to address if you owned an air conditioning unit. In our survey, we learned that most of us are not well-informed in this matter and to aid that, we gathered some expert tips to help keep your air conditioning unit safe.

Like we mentioned earlier, the useful tips on the air conditioning unit are the key to get it work effectively and efficiently. With some added pointers from experts, then we can assure that they are safe for our homes and will not cause disaster in our lives. Among the specialist’s tips to keep the AC safe are the following:

  1. Never Neglect The Regular Cleaning Of AC Filters

Aircon supplier had advised that the regular replacement or cleaning the filters of our air conditioners will prevent health issues coming from the contamination of the air we breathe. The air conditioner has two divisions, which has some most part that is an ideal home for bacteria and fungi. If you will neglect cleaning it, it can trigger asthma and other skin diseases so use the vacuum to clean it or wipe it off more often to smell the cleaner air.

  1. Be Vigilant With The Strange Noise And Smell

If you heard a strange noise from your air conditioner when you turned it on, call an AC shop to repair it immediately. The strange noise is an indicator that something is wrong with the air conditioner and before it gets worst it is better to do preventive measure to save from another hassle that it could bring to your home.

  1. Get Help With The Blinds And Curtains

Check where your AC is situated in the home and offices and make sure that it is protected from direct sunlight that can slow its performance. Transfer it to other location or use curtains or blinds to block the heat coming from outside.

  1. Always Call For The Regular Checkup

It is not a valid reason that you did not checkup your air conditioning system because you have little know-how on the air conditioner. If we cannot do it, we can always call for someone’s help or AC experts to do the regular check-up for us. For a little charge you need to pay the service fee, it saves you a lot of trouble and assures that your home is safe from fire and other hazard issues.

  1. Turn It Off When The Room Is Empty

When the room is unoccupied, then let your air conditioner rest from work because it is not also good that you keep it on even if there is no one inside the room. The work system of the air conditioner will best when it has warm air to sip but if the temperature had been neutralized then, it is a hard work for your air conditioner.

These are some of the expert’s tips to ensure that we won’t get a mistake in using our air conditioner at home or in offices. For added information, do some research or ask your air conditioning service for a continuous safe and efficient use of air conditioning unit.

5 Common Signs To Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Do you know when the time that your air conditioning unit needs repairs is? Air conditioners are new technologies that play a vital role in homes to provide a comfortable way of living. You must know what are the common signs if your air conditioner needs repairs. In this way, you can maximize the condition of your air conditioners. If you want to know what are these common signs, you can read the list below.

This is the list of the common signs that you should know if your air conditioner needs repairs.

  1. No Cool Air

Does the air coming out from your air conditioner is not cold as before? If yes, it is a sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. It means that the air conditioner system’s compressor has failed or it’s Freon levels are too low. If you did not pay attention to this matter, you might even have to replace it with a new unit.

  1. Have Strange Sounds

If your air conditioner has strange sounds like squealing, grinding or grating, it means that it needs to be replaced. These sounds indicate that there is something wrong inside the air conditioner unit and it is not functioning well.

  1. Poor Air Flow

A room that has an air conditioner but has a poor air flow means that the air conditioner is not working well. Poor air flow was caused by some debris that is stuck in the air conditioner unit’s vent. This debris does not only obstruct the air flow, but it can also bring health risk to your family. You must always keep the air conditioner vents clean so that it can work well and restore the air flow.

  1. Have Strange Odors

Is your air conditioner has strange and foul odors? It only means that the wire insulation of the air conditioner has burned out. It also means that there are molds inside the air conditioner unit. You must put an immediate action to this signs to prevent further damage.

  1. Moisture Where It Should Not Be

If there are moisture or leakage near the air conditioner unit where it should not indicate that there problems. This moisture is usually caused by refrigerant leaks and can bring serious health problems to you and your family. This is a serious case and needs to be repaired right away. In doing this, you prevent your air conditioning unit from more serious damage and expensive repairs.

With all the information stated above, you now know what are the common signs if your air conditioner needs repairs. You must consider these guidelines to make your air conditioning unit last for a long time and prevent you from buying a new unit. If you want to know what are the other signs that you should know if your air conditioner needs repairs, you can ask an expert on air conditioning units.