3 Proven Plumbing Tips to Avoid Problems That You Need To Know

Are you much interested to know some plumbing tips that you can follow in order to avoid problems from happening in your house? If your answer to this question is a yes, reading the list below is the right thing that you can do so that you can learn some of these proven tips about plumbing.

What follows is the list of the proven tips from hdb licensed plumbers about plumbing that can help you avoid any problems regarding it.

  1. Clean The Drain Regularly

If you do not want your drain in the kitchen to have a plumbing problem, like being clogged, then the best thing that you can do is to clean it regularly. By doing this every now and then, you can avoid some materials that pass through the drain such as cooking oils or grease, remnants of food, among other like things from clogging it. With this, you can also avoid serious problems from happening to the drain which also means that you will be free of expensive costs that come with professional plumbers. You should remember that this effortless plumbing tip can save you from some common and serious plumbing problems.

  1. Be Alert And Attentive To Water Leaks

Another problem in plumbing that every house encounters is the water leaks. This problem can occur in all parts of the house such as behind the bathroom toilet, under the kitchen sink, or it can be in the water system of the house. You may notice that the said areas where it usually occurs are the hidden parts of the house. For this reason, you have to allocate some of your time to do some inspections and check-ups in these areas. As a result, you can tend to this problem right away, thus, preventing from  becoming more serious. Aside from that, you can also prevent your monthly water bill from increasing. With this, it is really important that you should always be alert and attentive to these water leaks.

  1. Take Care Of Your Plumbing Fixtures

Lastly, you should also be a responsible owner of plumbing fixtures. It simply means that you have to take good care on all of your plumbing fixtures in the house. For an instance, most of the people put a lot of force on their faucets or taps whenever they are using or turning it off. With this, there is a big possibility that it might lead to being broken which next scenario is a dripping faucet or tap. Therefore, it only shows that some of the plumbing problems that you experience are also because of you. So next time that you will be using your faucet or tap, try to have better control over it.

In ending this article, you are now informed on some of the proven tips that can help you to avoid problems with plumbing. With this, your house will now be free from any plumbing problems. If you still want to know some other plumbing tips, you can do more research on the internet.

3 Exciting Things That You Could Do When Visiting Singapore

Singapore is a popular country where there is a lot of fun and exciting things that every traveler and tourist can do. These things make their stay and visit in the country to be full of fun and enjoyment. Apparently, it is one of the many reasons why there are many people who are interested to visit Singapore. If you want to discover what these fun and exciting things are, you can check out the list below to inform you.

Listed below are the exciting things that everybody can do in Singapore when they visit the famous Asian country.

  1. See the Wildlife in the Singapore Zoo

First of these exciting things is to go and see the wildlife in the popular Singapore Zoo. It houses a wide array of different animals ranging from small and tame ones up to the huge and feral animals. Some of these animals are crocodiles, a variety of monkeys, tigers, lions, hippopotamus, zebras, and a lot lot more. Aside from seeing the animals, you can also watch the different programs and shows held at the zoo. Visiting the place is a great way to make you and your children entertained for a whole day in Singapore.

  1. Try To Eat Some Local Street Foods

Why don’t you try to go for a stroll and eat some local street foods in Singapore? Not only that you can save money but you can also discover the Singapore’s food culture. You can mostly find these local street foods around the district of Chinatown. There are many stalls and booths in every corner so you can expect that your choices are endless. You can try out anything such as chicken rice, poh piah, rice cakes, and many more. Furthermore, all of these local street foods taste not like the typical street foods but instead, taste just like foods from the restaurants. With this, your whole effort on walking will be worth it for the local street foods that you eat. By visiting Singapore, both of your eyes and tummy are satisfied with what the country offers.

  1. Take A Tour Of Sentosa Island

Lastly, you can also go and take a tour of Sentosa Island which is a well – known island resort in Singapore. Not popular by being a beach, Sentosa Island became popular because it is the place where the Universal Studio is located. The amusement park has different rides, shows, and games which are inspired by several Universal Studio films. You can either try to ride on the extreme and thrilling rides or just take pictures of the place. It is a must that this tourist attraction should be included in your itineraries when you visit the country of Singapore.

Visiting Singapore is sure, a must-visit country since that it offers a lot of fun and exciting things for a tourist like you, to do. You can look for a website which will tell you other exciting things that every tourist can do in Singapore.

How to DIY plumbing works at home?

DIY plumbing works is a must for most people who are always on the go. Sometimes, trying to connect with a plumbing service company is not that hurry. It could sometimes take half of the day, or a day or two, especially when you are not able to make it out as emergency. If you can’t afford to waste time waiting or if you are that person who loves to diy instead of spending bucks for repairs and minor problems you think you can always find solution; then this diy plumbing works at home that I’ll be giving you will definitely saves the day. This does not require any experience to perform such work and it’s really very simple.

Most of us have already dealt with leaky faucet, spurting toilets and for some home fixtures like shower heads and faucets that needs to be replaced. These concerns are really simple and need not require the presence of a plumber. But before starting such move, try to figure out first what you can do and what you cannot. We have to be true to ourselves that if we cannot afford to do things we think we can, better get help. So, let’s go back with shower heads and faucet replacement. In doing so, you have to turn off first the water supply. This is everyone’s initiative.

According to SG1 Plumber, before starting any plumbing woks, turning off the water supply is a must. After that, you have to get the right tools to be used. You have to ensure that you have the basic and necessary tools available at home for simple plumbing works. If there’s none, you can always buy some and it won’t cost you a lot. The basic tools that you’ll need are wrench, water meter key, putty, teflon tape and drain snake. If you have them all at home, then it would be much easier for you to handle simple plumbing troubles.

In replacing your shower head, you have to unscrew it first from the shower arm, clean it out and use a small amount of Teflon tape around it before screwing the new one. That simple! If you have leaking faucet that needs to be replaced, all you have to do is remove the handgrip, pop out the instruction execution and replace it. If you have found out which pipe is leaking, you can always replace it or you may opt to replace the whole kit.

There are actually lots of diy’s you can check online. You can watch videos on how to do simple plumbing works if you have time so you’ll be guided more on what to do. There are more diy’s you can get online aside from stated above. You can also explore yourself and look for simple life hacks that could keep you. These diy’s may not warrant for long but at least we have something to do right before we need the services of a professional plumber. Find out more at https://sg1plumber.com.


When to order a packaged air-conditioning system?

When purchasing an air conditioning system, you have a couple of things to remember. There are a lot of air conditioning models nowadays in the market. Buying one can be as hard as picking the ripest peach. If you are on the verge of buying a packaged air conditioning system, here are a couple things you should consider.


You need to know the function of the packaged air conditioning system and its edge toward other models. You cannot simply choose a packaged air conditioning system just because you want one. You have to consider how it would help to regulate your establishment’s thermostat. It has to function well to get your money’s worth. Packaged air conditioning systems are very functional when it comes to business and large scale operation services such as hotels and restaurant. These businesses benefit much when having packaged air conditioning system.

Surface area

Packaged air conditioning system is best used for wide scope air conditioning system. The surface are they can cover to regulate is really wide. They can even work for the entire building. This makes them suitable for businesses. You have to consider the surface area covered by your packaged air conditioning system though. Overheating and exhaustion is a common problem to these units. This results from over estimated area of coverage for your AC. Having packaged air conditioning system does not mean that you can use it for all establishments. You still need to consider how big the area it will be servicing compared to its power and output.


Make sure to consider maintaining your packaged air conditioning system once purchased. Anything can easily be damaged when not properly maintained. As for packaged air conditioning system, you will need a technician to maintain it. You cannot do it yourself. Packaged air conditioning system has a lot of mechanism that are too technical. You will need someone knowledgeable enough to check it from time to time.





Additional services

Having another hand working for the packaged air conditioning system means you will need additional services. For one a technician is needed. When getting it installed an installer will also be hired. Someone also needs to make sure that the system is properly installed in the walls and are connected to the water and electrical system properly. All these translate into additional services when getting a packaged air conditioning system.


You have to dedicate an area in your place to install the packaged air conditioning system. Usually at outside or at the top floors, these packaged air conditioning system needs to be installed outside of the actual building. They cannot be within the walls. They need to be ventilated once in a while.


While a packaged air conditioning system works for large scale operation, the operational cost of having them also needs to be considered. They do need a lot of power, so voltage supply would affect your monthly dues.

These are just a couple of things worth considering prior to having a packaged air conditioning system however, all these cannot amount to the comfort and savings that packaged air conditioning system in comparison to other models. There might be a lot to consider before your buy one but all these are worth it in the end, to find out more about aircon installation in Singapore, follow us.

Recharging your AC systems gas

If your AC has been installed by a technical, changing gas is easy. This only becomes easier if the tech actually did a proper installation. Some techs do a more sloppy job than others making it the reason why aircon not cold. Before you learn to recharge your AC, you must make sure that the outside and inside units are properly connected and in no way faulty. Otherwise recharging can be a nightmare. Whenever you can, you must learn a couple of things about your AC. You can start by recharging its gas. Here are a couple of things you need to know to be able to charge your AC’s gas.

First, you need to know that recharging your AC in actual since does not happen. When we say we have to charge our air conditioning system, it means we have to circulate the condensed air throughout both the inside and the outside units. This is usually due to the distance of the units from each other. For example, if you internal unit is installed 3 meters away from the external unit, you might need to recharge often. This can be remedied by finding a spot where you can put the air conditioning systems units near each other.

Second, you need to locate the valves for recharging the gas. It is usually located at the outdoor units end. Placements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so carefully read your manual and study the units. These valves are usually located at the outdoor unit’s end. When you locate the valves, you should see them close. One of the valves are supplying gas from the unit inside going outside and the other one is to receive the gas returning from the indoor unit to the outdoor one. These valves are vital for you to charge the gas. When charging, slowly open these valves. This will distribute the refrigerant throughout the whole unit. It includes the indoor and outdoor unit as well as the tubing connecting them.

From here onward, you have to be careful with leakage. Gas leaking from your air conditioning unit can be costly. You have to be sure to check for leakage.  These leaks usually are at the joints of the tubing connecting the indoor and outdoor units. A simple way to check if there is a leak is to apply soap and look for bubbles. You can also use a cup with water. By placing the cup near the tubing, you can identify if there is indeed a leak. The water should always be steady when placed near the tube. If you find any ripples to the water when near the tube, this can indicate leakage. You cannot start your air conditioning system if this happens.

Provided that everything went well and there were no mishaps, you can successfully start you AC. Continue to monitor your Air conditioning system for a couple of days. Make sure to check from time to time the tubing as well as the units.

Overall, it is pretty simple to charge your AC but you have to be careful along the way. If you are not confident enough to do it, it is better to have a technician do it instead.

How To Rent A Car In Kuala Lumpur

When you want to rent a car in Kuala Lumpur, there are some different things that you will want to consider. By giving some thought to the rental, you are able to find something that you are happy with and able to take full advantage of. Read on for tips that you can use when you are looking to rent a car in Kuala Lumpur.

One thing that you will want to do is consider your rental car needs. When it comes to renting a car, it may sound like a simple obligation, but it can be a bit more than that. You should think about the dates that you need the car. How long will you need to rent the car in Kuala Lumpur? Are your dates flexible? Or, do you need to have it for a certain time period. Also, you should think about how big of a vehicle you would like to rent. You can find them big and small and even in between. The size will depend on your personal preferences along with how many people you will be traveling with, how much room you need for your own items, and anything else that is important to you. Then, you may have a specific brand in mind and should find this if it is important to you. If you would like to drive your favorite vehicle brand or style, be sure to find it so you are happy with your rental. Another thing that may be important to you is the price of the rental. You can find them in many different prices. The prices will depend on the company you rent the car from, the size of the vehicle, the length of the rental, and other factors. Because of this, you should decide on an amount that you are comfortable with.

After you have an idea as to what you would like when it comes to the rental car, you can begin looking for it. Taking time to consider your options will allow you to find the Kuala Lumpur rental car that will be good for your situation. Be sure to keep all of the important factors in mind as you do look at various options. It is a good idea to start with a company you prefer or are most comfortable with. If you don’t have one, you can spend some time researching the rental car companies in Kuala Lumpur. This will allow you to learn what you need to know to make the best choice.

In conclusion, when you are looking to rent a car, there are many things that you should keep in mind. By considering all that you want and need in a rental vehicle, you can focus your efforts on finding the best choice. Use the tips that have been shared here to help you in your search for a rental car in Kuala Lumpur. This will allow you to find the best one for your needs. Find out more at Big Thumb Kuala Lumpur.

Possible Reason Why Your Air Conditioner Have Airflow Issue

One of the most air conditioner’s problems is the airflow issue. You know your air conditioning has an airflow issue when you notice the symptoms such as:

    1. Uneven Temperature
    2. Whistle or Noise
    3. Limited Air from the AC
    4. Hot Air Coming From the AC

Poor airflow from air conditioner gives the mentioned symptoms above, and if you neglect it, it can damage the compressor. The compressor is one of the most important parts of the air conditioner that we should protect and take care of. Otherwise, the whole system will shut down, but the good thing about this is that not all reasons and cause of this are costly or difficult to fix. Sometimes we can even fix it on our own. So, let us start figuring out what could be wrong with our air conditioning device

Reasons Behind Airflow Problems

  1. Obstruction Of The Condenser

The condenser is usually located in the mechanical room or outside the house. Check for any debris that might prevent its functions. If the condenser is located inside the house, then make sure that there is no appliances or equipment that obstruct it otherwise, it can overheat the condenser since there be limited air to cool that part.

  1. Clog On Registers Or Vents

Another reason of poor airflow is the clog on registers and vents due to some home fixtures. Make sure to clear this thing right away when you notice the above symptoms. Such is commonly happen in workplace setting so before your compressor will be compromised remove the cabinets or furniture that impedes the flow of air.

  1. Block Filter

Had you changed the filter of your air conditioning device regularly? If not, this could be the reason for the airflow problem. Regular cleaning or replacement of the filter will get rid of dust that could build upon it over time which blocks good quantity of air to pass through. Follow the maker’s instructions and guidelines on replacement of the filters so that you will not face problems like this.

  1. Puncture On The Duct

You might be cleaning your air conditioner often, but mites and other insects can still get through inside and attack the ducts of the AC. When it has leaked, it will wind up with the work of the air conditioner. The hole in the duct will result in the decrease of the cool airflow of the air conditioner, but this is easy to fix.

  1. Problem On The Thermostat

The reasons for airflow problem are not limited to the four causes mentioned earlier. It can bring by faulty thermostat too, or had you check the battery of it?

  1. Defect On The Fan

Make sure the blower is not sluggish. This helps the work of the air conditioner in delivering cool air in the room. If you think there is some grime coated on the fan, remove it as this also lessening the airflow of the air conditioning unit.

  1. Clogged Coil

Another vital part of the air conditioner is the coil. It must bring out the warmth out of the room, and since the coil is on the outdoor portion of the house, it is more prone to harmful elements like dirt that can impede its work. That is why we need to clean the coil on a regular basis to prevent poor airflow despite the air conditioning doubled effort to cool the room.With this, you need to know more about chemical cleaning.

  1. Need Gas Recharge

The reason why air conditioning unit needs recharge is when the refrigerant is already at a low level to sustain the cooling operation. This can result to leak or worn out of the air conditioner so the air conditioning technician would tell you to recharge the system to back up and speed up the performance of the air conditioner.

  1. Unfit Air Conditioning Unit

Sometimes you think it is better to have a big unit to have a cooler environment, but this is wrong with it comes to the air conditioner. A big unit with a small area to cool tends to make the air conditioner work inefficiently because the air cycle is just too frequent. This will make the room hotter than it is supposed to be.

  1. Fixtures Or Home Setting

Did you remove or add something inside your house? This can be the cause why there is an airflow problem of the air conditioner. When you make some renovations of your place, then you should consider the layout. It might be that the added features impede the proper cool performance of the AC.

We think we had just covered all possible causes of poor airflow or air flow issues of the AC, so whenever you got a problem do the necessary fixing first before you call your air conditioning technician. Find out more about why aircon is not cold from us.

Air Conditioner Specialist’s Tips to Keep AC Safe

Talking about the most helpful machine in homes and offices the first that would come to the list is our air conditioner. We even install an air conditioner in our car to because hot weather can be harmful to human’s health.  The main functions of the air conditioning unit are to give ventilation and let us breathe clean and cool air which technically comfortable when we drive or do our work. In fact, it was proven that the conducive and cool environment is the key factor if you want to boost productivity. Warm weather condition can get you easily tired and slog even if you haven’t done so much work. And just like any machine, we need to take care of them and keep them safe in order to serve us for a long time. The proper cares will not only save consumption of electric energy, it will prevent harmful bacteria and fungi build up that is not safe for our respiration system. The more you know about how you can take good care of the AC, the more it is safe to use and our specialist can give help in maintaining and keeping it safe.

What are the preventive measures that you do in order to keep your air conditioning system safe? Well, that is the very first question that needs to address if you owned an air conditioning unit. In our survey, we learned that most of us are not well-informed in this matter and to aid that, we gathered some expert tips to help keep your air conditioning unit safe.

Like we mentioned earlier, the useful tips on the air conditioning unit are the key to get it work effectively and efficiently. With some added pointers from experts, then we can assure that they are safe for our homes and will not cause disaster in our lives. Among the specialist’s tips to keep the AC safe are the following:

  1. Never Neglect The Regular Cleaning Of AC Filters

Aircon supplier had advised that the regular replacement or cleaning the filters of our air conditioners will prevent health issues coming from the contamination of the air we breathe. The air conditioner has two divisions, which has some most part that is an ideal home for bacteria and fungi. If you will neglect cleaning it, it can trigger asthma and other skin diseases so use the vacuum to clean it or wipe it off more often to smell the cleaner air.

  1. Be Vigilant With The Strange Noise And Smell

If you heard a strange noise from your air conditioner when you turned it on, call an AC shop to repair it immediately. The strange noise is an indicator that something is wrong with the air conditioner and before it gets worst it is better to do preventive measure to save from another hassle that it could bring to your home.

  1. Get Help With The Blinds And Curtains

Check where your AC is situated in the home and offices and make sure that it is protected from direct sunlight that can slow its performance. Transfer it to other location or use curtains or blinds to block the heat coming from outside.

  1. Always Call For The Regular Checkup

It is not a valid reason that you did not checkup your air conditioning system because you have little know-how on the air conditioner. If we cannot do it, we can always call for someone’s help or AC experts to do the regular check-up for us. For a little charge you need to pay the service fee, it saves you a lot of trouble and assures that your home is safe from fire and other hazard issues.

  1. Turn It Off When The Room Is Empty

When the room is unoccupied, then let your air conditioner rest from work because it is not also good that you keep it on even if there is no one inside the room. The work system of the air conditioner will best when it has warm air to sip but if the temperature had been neutralized then, it is a hard work for your air conditioner.

These are some of the expert’s tips to ensure that we won’t get a mistake in using our air conditioner at home or in offices. For added information, do some research or ask your air conditioning service for a continuous safe and efficient use of air conditioning unit.

5 Common Signs To Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Do you know when the time that your air conditioning unit needs repairs is? Air conditioners are new technologies that play a vital role in homes to provide a comfortable way of living. You must know what are the common signs if your air conditioner needs repairs. In this way, you can maximize the condition of your air conditioners. If you want to know what are these common signs, you can read the list below.

This is the list of the common signs that you should know if your air conditioner needs repairs.

  1. No Cool Air

Does the air coming out from your air conditioner is not cold as before? If yes, it is a sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. It means that the air conditioner system’s compressor has failed or it’s Freon levels are too low. If you did not pay attention to this matter, you might even have to replace it with a new unit.

  1. Have Strange Sounds

If your air conditioner has strange sounds like squealing, grinding or grating, it means that it needs to be replaced. These sounds indicate that there is something wrong inside the air conditioner unit and it is not functioning well.

  1. Poor Air Flow

A room that has an air conditioner but has a poor air flow means that the air conditioner is not working well. Poor air flow was caused by some debris that is stuck in the air conditioner unit’s vent. This debris does not only obstruct the air flow, but it can also bring health risk to your family. You must always keep the air conditioner vents clean so that it can work well and restore the air flow.

  1. Have Strange Odors

Is your air conditioner has strange and foul odors? It only means that the wire insulation of the air conditioner has burned out. It also means that there are molds inside the air conditioner unit. You must put an immediate action to this signs to prevent further damage.

  1. Moisture Where It Should Not Be

If there are moisture or leakage near the air conditioner unit where it should not indicate that there problems. This moisture is usually caused by refrigerant leaks and can bring serious health problems to you and your family. This is a serious case and needs to be repaired right away. In doing this, you prevent your air conditioning unit from more serious damage and expensive repairs.

With all the information stated above, you now know what are the common signs if your air conditioner needs repairs. You must consider these guidelines to make your air conditioning unit last for a long time and prevent you from buying a new unit. If you want to know what are the other signs that you should know if your air conditioner needs repairs, you can ask an expert on air conditioning units.


Little History

Welcome. Here is some history about mastermica.org. It turns in to a personal blog about living in Singapore.

The 2nd Level Master in Innovation in Design, Rehabilitation and Control of Structures, Evaluation and Adaptation in Seismic Areas focuses on graduates in Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Construction Engineering, and is aimed at the formation of highly skilled professionals in the field of design and construction of reinforced concrete structures, with reference both to new construction and to existing ones. The Master has a total duration of 12 months for a total of 60 credits

The Mission

The Master’s degree is aimed at the training of specific professional figures with high expertise in the design and construction of reinforced concrete structures – with reference to both new and existing recovery interventions – able to address the complex issues strictly engineering techniques with the awareness of the tight and delicate relationships that bind them to the design of architecture and the ability to face the resulting problems.

The Schedule

The final exam will take place at the Headquarters of the Master and will consist of the oral dissertation of the project / tesina, carried out by the student. The dissertation will be accompanied by questions about two Master’s theses given at least 3 months before the final exam. There are 2 sessions for the Final Test. The second round will be attended by those who have been advised to withdraw from the first test or who will not be able to take part in the test. No further possibilities for the final exam are allowed, the final exam rating is expressed in thirty-five, and takes into account the entire curriculum within the Master. The examination committee consists of 5 members.